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Vehicle Lockouts


Vehicle Lockouts & Jump Starts

Rutgers Emergency Services Response Unit (RUES) responds to several types of non emergency calls. The most common is a motor vehicle lockout. RUES will assist students, visitors, and faculty/staff with motor vehicle lockouts on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus as well as the surrounding areas. When you call, please let the telecommunicator know the make and model of the vehicle, location, parking lot #, street address, call back number, and if the vehicle is running or if a child is inside. Call the Public Safety Communications & Dispatch Center at 732-932-7211 for a lockout request.

The Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) offers jump starts to individuals needing assistance with weak or dead batteries. Persons needing jump starts can contact the Public Safety Communications & Dispatch Center at 732-932-7211.

Drivers of vehicles needing jump starts should raise the hood of their vehicle to help identify their vehicle. In order to have your vehicle jump started, a Liability Release Form must be completed and signed by the driver of the vehicle being jump started and by the officer providing assistance.

Contact Information

Department of
Emergency Services

Non-Emergency Number

For any Emergency Dial

From a University Phone
Obtain an outside line Dial

Public Safety Numbers

New Brunswick Campuses
(732) 932 -7111
or 2-7111 from any Campus Phone

Newark Campus
(973) 353-5111
or 5111 from any Campus Phone

Camden Campus
(856) 225-6111
or 6111 from any Campus Phone

Farms, Research Stations
or Off-Campus

or Obtain an Outside line,
then dial

Program the Alternate Public Safety Numbers
into Your Cellular Phone

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